[Pre-order] I’m Doraemon Antibacterial Vacuum Stainless Lunch Box


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Cute Doraemon stainless steel lunch box with a vacuum double structure for both the lid and the body. Antibacterial specifications containing silver ions except for metal parts. It’s super lightweight so it’s easy to carry.

Heat retention effect: 56 degrees or more (6 hours)

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It is a two-layer that puts a medium container in the main body, and you can put rice up to the line inside the main body. Since the heat on the inside is hard to escape due to the vacuum and the heat on the outside is hard to be transferred, it is possible to keep warm and cool. Lock type that is fixed with a stopper. The inner container has packing at the inner lid and the outer edge of the container to prevent soup from leaking. Only the inner container can be microwaved by removing the inner lid. The amount of rice that goes into the main body, about 1.8 cups of tea bowl (about 200 ml).

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg

* All sizes are expressed in mm.
* The set design is subject to our color will be some changes.
* View product weight is the weight of the packaging included.


Main Unit: 116x 120mm / 370ml
Medium container: 108 x 50mm / 230ml


Main Unit/Lid: Stainless, Acrylic resin paint
Medium container/Middle lid: polypropylene
Packing: Silicon Rubber
bottom panel: Elastomer